For our Milk Teas and Fruit Ice Teas we use premium loose tea leaves which is freshly brewed each day. Every drink is handcrafted to order. Customise your drink by selecting from our wide range of toppings. You can also adjust your sweetness levels, ice levels and milk choice - our Milk Teas can also be served hot.

Our tasty bubble waffles are instagram worthy! We have created 7 delicious combinations, but feel free to create your own from our wide range of toppings and soft serve ice creams.

Delicious healthy frozen yoghurt (weekly flavour change). All the flavour, less the calories - Win! Choose from our toppings counter and create your own healthy treat.




Ever wondered what those little colourful toppings are in your bubble tea?
Here we have the low down on your favourite toppings.
They are all 100% vegan, vegetarian and gluten free!




TAPIOCA - Considered the ‘KING’ of toppings as it’s the most traditional and favourite topping. It is starch extracted from Cassava (root veggie). You will usually see our team members stirring away at it in a pot as it is cooked daily in small batches for freshness.



Our fruity jellies are gelatine free and made from flavoured coconut flesh. Delicious served with our ice teas.



Juice bubbles that pop when you sip them through our custom wide straws. Did you know that the outer shell is made from seaweed extract and contains no gelatine.

Want something healthier?

Try our Aloe Vera pieces in your ice teas or if you're feeling adventurous... try Pudding (contains dairy) or Red Bean in your bubble milk teas for an extra sweet kick!